Find best global kitchen knives and crystal decanters for commercial use

About global kitchen knives  

Knives are requirement every kitchen for the home, for commercial use as well as it would be best for gifting on the marriage ceremony of your beloved one. Knives are of different types for using different purposes. Global kitchen knives are used by the chef for cutting and chopping different materials and are a necessary part of their kitchen cutlery set.  

Parts of global kitchen knives:  

It is also necessary to learn about the parts of a knife to use it in a better and more fine way. A knife has many main parts included:  

  • Handle that is used to hold the knife.  
  • Heel, it consists of a blade that is used for cutting.  
  • Tip the front part of the blade that is used for cutting small pieces.  
  • The bolster is a part that is between the handle and hell that maintains the balance of the knife while cutting and avoid from slipping.  

After learning about the different parts of a knife you can use the knife with understanding and better way for cutting your meat, vegetables and chopping onions.  

Types of global kitchen knives:  

There are many types of knives used by the chef for cutting different types of materials perfectly because some types of knives are common that can be used for daily home base and simple cutting. All these knives have some special characteristics. The set of global kitchen knives consist of many types of knives that are:  

  • Bread knives that are used for the cutting of slice edge with a crispy crust. These are usually 7 to 10 cm long.  
  • Butcher knives that are used for cutting of meat and fat trimming. These knives have sharp blades that help you to make slices of your meat easily.  
  • Boning knives are used to separate the meat from the bones. These knives are found in different sizes.  
  • Chef knives that are used for different purposes like cutting, chopping, slicing and mincing of your material, and 8 to 12 cm long.  
  • Paring knives are used for peeling and chopping vegetables and fruits. Different type of these knives includes spear point, foot of sheep and beak of the bird.  
  • Flank and shoulder knives are used for cutting of bones and joints, as these knives have shape blades.  

About crystal decanter   

Crystal decanter is made up of glass or crystal to hold some liquid like wines and drinks and is used in whiskey bars, café. Crystal decanter has many styles and designs. Many restaurants and hotels used these decanters to provide which say and wine to their clients or customers. Wine can be stored for a long time in it. Crystal decanter is best for providing wine and any liquid drink in good manners and decent way.  

Qualities of a crystal decanter  

  • These are some common qualities of using crystal decanter:  
  • You can store fine for a long time.  
  • It is the best way to present wine in it.  
  • It gives a great look at your bars and café areas.  
  • These are made with glass and crystals so they give the beautiful look of crystal and glass.  
  • For gifting at commercial level.  

Final draft  

As we know that global kitchen knives are necessary for every commercial kitchen to facilitate the chef in cutting, chopping, slicing, and peeling. You can get a perfect or desired look of your vegetables, fruits, meat, cheese, and other foods. Mega Boutique has traditional and latest cutlery things including global kitchen knives and crystal decanters. They have a high quality of knives that are used by professional and commercial chefs. All their knives are best for commercial and home use. You can also gift these to your beloved on their wedding and officially. All the types of knives are available there with good and fine properties. Their knives have sharp blades and are prepared in a good way that cannot harm you during cutting and peeling. They have also different designs and styles of crystal decanter for wine and drink storage and presentation.  

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