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What is Sclerosis and does it Qualify you for NDIS

Although medical science has come a long way over the years, there are still some diseases that we do not completely know the reason behind or how to cure them. One such disease is multiple sclerosis. There are millions of people who get diagnosed with this autoimmune disease every year. The cause for MS is unknown nor there is known treatment for it. However, having sclerosis does not necessarily mean that you cannot live a normal life.

There are a number of medications nowadays that one could take to slowdown the effects of MS. What sclerosis does it that it interrupts the communication between your brain and the body. Although each person may be affected differently by sclerosis, but it generally affects the brain and the spinal cord.  

What are the Most Common Symptoms for MS? 

MS attack may cause tingling, numbness, and other sensations in your body. However, there are a variety of other problems that are associated with these symptoms as well. Thus, it can be difficult to diagnose it. Moreover, the onset of MS can take as long as a decade. With that said, MS may lead to a disability of the vision, movement, balance or even speech. It may entirely depend on individual to individual that how their sclerosis progresses.  

Is Sclerosis Fatal? 

The idea of being diagnosed with MS might sound scary. However, that does not necessarily mean that you cannot lead a normal life. In fact, people who have multiple sclerosis usually end up living a normal life. Sclerosis does not necessarily cut numbers from your life span. As long as you make sure that it is not left unmanaged. After all, even if MS cannot be treated, there are ways to manage it and with the help of the right medication, you can live a completely normal life.  

Does MS make you Eligible to Apply for NDIS? 

What most people do not know however that is if they have MS, then they are also qualified to apply for NDIS. NDIS is the abbreviation for National Disability Insurance Scheme. It is a government funded scheme for people with disabilities.  

How to Know I am Eligible to Apply for NDIS? 

Living with a disability can be difficult. However, you do not have to fight it alone. If you have been diagnosed with MS then you are most likely eligible to apply for NDISAs of 2020, NDIS has been in full operation and people all over Australia who have been diagnosed with this autoimmune disease have started to apply for it. Since then, there has also been more awareness spread of MS cases. 

Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis  

Although it’s true that with medication, MS can be suppressed but 80% of the cases also relapse. Initially, you might feel that your symptoms are getting worse in the event if MS relapses. However, do not worry because over the course, you will start to see improvement again. And after getting sclerosis, it’s also worth considering to apply for NDIS. Because in the case of a relapse specially, working and resuming your normal life activities can be a challenge. Therefore, the government may provide you with the assistance you require at the time, so you are able to avoid financial burdens. 

How is MS Treated/Managed? 

MS can be treated but it cannot be cured. There are a number of approaches that your healthcare provider may use to address your multiple sclerosis. One of those approaches includes the use of steroid medicines. Considering how each person faces different symptoms due to MS, we cannot provide a straightforward answer to the treatment. The treatment for MS widely depends on the symptoms of the individual along with its severity.  


In the past even detecting the presence of a disease such as sclerosis was a major challenge. However, as technology progresses and the field of medical science continues to grow, we have come a long way. The maximum life expectancy gap between a person with MS and a normal person is just 5-10 years, and that too is closing by.  

Over the years there have been many innovative methods introduce and general healthcare plans that you could follow as a MS patient to improve the quality of your life 

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