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Outdoor Spaces Influencing Quality of Life – Get Started Today!

It is an assumed fact that one likes to decorate their living and the simple reason is your surroundings have a major influence on your person be it your mood, feeling, general vibe etc. But if you expand on this belief, don’t you think one should invest in decorating public spaces too? Because after all, aren’t we living in it too? Decorating public spaces can not only express your artistic vision but can overall affect your personality and help you enhance your person by allowing you to channel your aesthetic eye. 

That sounds like a fun thing to do right? If it did and now you’re thinking of dipping your toes in the world of public space furniture then I have a place in mind that’ll help you kick-start your newfound hobby.  


Botton + Gardiner is an Australian based family company operating for over 25 years in designing, importing and manufacturing commercial furniture for public spaces. Having spent such a long time studying the Australian market of public space goods following the Australian climate and general style, Botton + Gardiner is confident in the products that they house. This knowledge has allowed them to have a unique standing in the market among local manufacturers in terms of environment-friendly materials, in-house design catalogue and durability in the harsh Australian climate.

Their diverse range houses products from bench seating, to tables and picnic suitable furniture, to outdoor bins and drinking fountains. And to narrow it down they also house some of the best bubbler drinking fountain and large wheelie bins for sale.  

Not only has that, but Botton + Gardiner had an impressive portfolio too including a good number of public installations in some of the biggest Australian landmark public projects including: 

  • Western Sydney Parklands 
  • Sydney Airport 
  • University of NSW 

Besides, they are preferred suppliers of bigname public places such as the Sydney Olympic Park. Here is an overview of the products housed at Botton + Gardiner; 

Wheelie Bins 

Botton + Gardiner has a huge range of large wheelie bins for sale because not only are these a way to decorate the outdoors but they are a major need to keep the streets clean. Seeing litter on the streets might not improve your day but seeing an innovative and stylish solution to this might! They proudly house unique and attractive bin options suiting high waste volume areas to reduce emptying frequency. Some of the designs of the large wheelie bins for sale include: 

  • Verge Bin Retainer 
  • UNSW Bin 
  • Maitland Bin and more; 


One of their most popular product in this category is the prospect of a drinking fountain. With a very sleek and modern structure, it perfectly fits the contemporary style of design while being a necessary item. These bubbler drinking fountains offer reliable service and their filtering system help protect from sand and grit to ensure a longer life span. They are also equipped with a levelling dog bowl for your pets! And that’s not the end, but most importantly the bubbler drinking fountains/ prospect drinking fountain include features to meet requirements of the Australian disabled access standard. At Botton + Gardiner, no one is overlooked. They only aim for the best experience for their customers.

The bubbler drinking fountains are once again designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate as well as to satisfy your need to cool off at a bubbler drinking fountain with a refreshing drink of water. Also, Botton + Gardiner is wholeheartedly willing to collaborate with their customers to give creative answers to their outdoor furniture problems. They are ready to design the product of your dreams specifically to fit your needs.  

Overall the mission of Botton+Gardiner is to improve living spaces (because the outdoors is our living place too!) in Australia. It helps to keep the environment vibrant and crisp which unconsciously influences the mind of the people too. They promise that whatever you choose to invest in, be it the large wheelie bins for sale or the bubbler drinking fountain they will serve with passion in the name of uplifting living quality while keeping in mind design excellence.

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