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Floor Tiles vs Bathroom Tiles Sydney: What to Look for?

Tiling is an important part of making your house look appealing. However, not everyone is able to get it right. For starters, you cannot use the same type of tiles all over your house. Some tiles are suitable for bedrooms, while others, can be the best for the bathrooms. Nonetheless, no matter what you choose there are a number of things that you first must consider. 

Unless you do not have a reliable tile installation service by your side, it could be a bit difficult to find what you are looking for. Thus, Initial Tiles & Bathware is here for you to help you find the best bathroom and floor tiles based in Sydney. 

So, what should you look for in bathroom and floor tiles? Let us see. 

What to Look for in Bathroom Tiles? 

  1. Slip Resistant
    People get severely injured due to slipping in the bathroom every year. Although younger people may easily be able to come out unfazed by slipping inside a bathroom, the same cannot be said for the elderly. As you age, your bones start to become weaker so even a small collision, can ultimately lead to severe fractures. This is why, always make sure that the bathroom tiles you choose are slip-resistant. And don’t worry because at Initial Tiles & Bathware you can find the best bathroom tiles in Sydney.
  2. Moisture Resistant
    It is crucial that when you are picking a bathroom flooring, it is moisture resistant. It does not come as a surprise that moisture can easily build-up inside bathrooms. If you are not careful with your flooring choice, then after no longer than a month, you would be getting new flooring installed in your bathroom again. Thus, to find the best bathroom tiles in Sydney that are also moisture resistant, you know where to look. 
  3. Durability
    People usually do not replace bathroom tiles for years and if you are in the same boat, then make your investment worth it. Search for bathroom tiles that can last for years to come and for which you don’t have to constantly worry about getting repairs. If your bathroom tile material is not good, then they can easily get cracked. Thus, only opt for quality bathroom tiles in Sydney to have a long-lasting solution. 

What to Look for in Floor Tiles? 

  1. Aesthetic Appeal 
    Although in no way we are saying that aesthetic appearance does not matter with bathroom tiles, it’s just even more important for regular floor tiles. After all, when you are installing floor tiles, you’re determining that how your house will look as a whole in terms of aesthetic appeal. The wrong choice can significantly affect the beauty of your home. Therefore, only settle for the best floor tiles in Sydney and nothing less. Most people install new floor tiles so they can make their house more beautiful, and if that is what you aim for as well then you know what to do. 
  2. Long Lasting
    Similar to bathroom tiles, you need to opt for floor tiles that are long lasting. Especially, if you are installing them for your patio. Patio floor tiles are often exposed to numerous environmental factors and if you are not careful, then it would not take long for them to start cracking and wearing out overtime. Thus, if you want a long-lasting solution for bathroom tiles then get in touch with Initial Tiles & Bathware so you can find the best floor tiles in Sydney.
  3. Budget Friendly
    For most people, budget is a problem. However, changing your flooring always does not mean you need to spend a fortune. In fact, if you have a reliable floor tiles in Sydney service to assist you then it will not be long before you get a reliable tiling solution. Therefore, if you have even the slightest hesitation while installing floor tiles in Sydney then do not worry and get in touch with Initial Floor & Bathware to find the best tiles in town.


Finding tiles can be a challenge but to make sure that your house stands out, you must make the right choice. Thus, if it is difficult for you to find the right floor and bathroom tiles in Sydney, then do not worry! Initial Floor & Bathware can provide you with the best solution to make your house stand out. 

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