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Strategies of an Asbestos Clearance!

The blanket of air around the earth is termed the atmosphere. The atmosphere is a combination of two words “ATMO” means earth and “SPHERE” means circle. The atmosphere comprises the essential gases that are essential for man’s survival. These are Carbon dioxide, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen gas. With the advancement of technology where man invents a thousand modes of ease, on the other hand, pollute the earth directly or indirectly. One of the environmental pollutants that are discussed in the section is termed asbestos. 

All about Asbestos – the background! 

Asbestos is the mineral silicate comprising soft and flexible fibre. Asbestos is heat, electricity, and corrosion-resistant. These streaks make it an efficient material. Asbestos is used in manufacturing cloth, paper, cement, plastic, and other materials but on the other hand, it is toxic if inhaled by the human body in a specific amount. It is naturally found in rocks but can be manufactured artificially. Asbestos is mostly found in three types of rocks that include serpentinites, altered ultramafic rocks, and mafic rocks. The chrysotile asbestos is contemporary in the serpentinite rock. When these rocks are splintered or smashed due to the soaring temperature, pressure, and the presence of water, asbestos is formed. 

In addition, this asbestos is released from the rocks when these are crushed or broken for industrial use. Asbestos is hazardous for the health only when its fibre is inhaled by the man. Once it is inhaled by the man’s body, it may be trapped by the body organ. It causes inflammation and even may cause genetic damage. The inhalation of asbestos is associated with benign or malignant tumours. 

Furthermore, the Government is strictly advised to examine the asbestos existence before crushing the rocks for many commercial purposes. It is prescribed that the people who live near the asbestos exposure, do not disturb the soil. The disturbance in the soil settling may release the asbestos fibre. The situation is handled by the asbestos clearance agency that clinches your safety and docile. Licensed asbestos removal contractors are hired for the asbestos clearance. There are the following stages for asbestos clearance.  

Juncture Regarding Asbestos Clearance 

Pre factory check of site ambiance and the job completeness; 

First of all, the analyst manifests the scope of work. They discover whether the control system is manageably handled. They establish a system that ensures the associated information is up to date. The analyst conducted the visual assessment regarding the decontaminated operational unit. 

The visual exploration in the workplace 

It is the second stage of the asbestos clearance scheme. The asbestos clearance agency examines the removal area either the workplace is asbestos-contaminated or not. As the asbestos particles are microscopic fibre so that they can be scattered easily in the enclosure so that it is eminent to audit all the surfaces within the work area to clinch that the area has been cleaned. The asbestos clearance is going on until the contractors are ensured for the complete removal of debris.  

Air Monitoring 

The third stage of the asbestos clearance involves air monitoring. The work enclosure is flicked at the start of the sample run to muddle any unseen fine settled dust that may contain the asbestos fibre. The asbestos survey is mandatory as the dust could rise to a high level of exposure during the knockdown the of enclosure in a workplace. The samples are poised on filters that are detached from the enclosure and counted on the Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM). During the asbestos survey, the air monitoring is signed off ready for tear down the removal enclosure. 

Final Evaluation Post Enclosure 

During the asbestos survey, this fourth stage is referred to as the “backstop” to examine any material released as the enclosure is taken down. There is the possibility of the contamination of the asbestos in the folds so that the analyst revises the whole procedure to ensure the asbestos clearance.

Guidelines regarding collecting the Asbestos Fibre 

  • In the asbestos survey, it is advised that the sample must be collected by NIOSH Method 7400.
  • The asbestos survey verifies that asbestos fibre level should be equal to or less than 0.01 fibre per centimetre cube of the air.
  • The sample must be below the local fibre concentration. 

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