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What are Australian textiles famous for?

The economy of a country depends upon various factors; some countries rely upon their agricultural manufacturing while others focus on their industrial sectors.  Many different types of products are manufactured by these industries which not only fulfil the local needs of the people but are also exported to other countries in exchange for money. Some countries have oil in abundance so they export oil to other countries; some have more agricultural resources so they export the crops to other countries. Similarly, there are countries which are good in textile production due to the presence of vast fertile lands in their country so they manufacture and transport textile goods across the globe. Australia is one such country which is known for its textile productions. Basically; textile is the kind of a cloth that is knitted by the combination of multiple yarns or threads. In this article; we will be discussing about the Australiana print fabric as well as about the fact that what Australian textiles are famous for. 


Textile can be defined as a piece of a cloth or a fabric that is made by the combination of interlocking yarns or threads. Long, twisted threads or yarns in the form of raw fibres are spined across a spinning wheel which are eventually converted into a clothe piece. The process of manufacturing single textile fabric involves various steps like weaving (in which threads are interlocked), knitting (in which yarn is manipulated to create a fabric) and other processes like crocheting, knotting, tatting, etc. 

Textile industries:  

Textile industries are the kind of industries that not only develops and manufactures the textile but designs and distributes it as well. The manufacturing of textile is carried out with the use of different kinds of raw materials. The kind of these raw materials becomes the source of the type of textile that is being produced. For example; the skin of an animal becomes the source or raw material for the production of silk or wool. Raw material of plants is used as a source to produce cotton, flax, bamboo or jute. On the whole, we can divide the textile fabrics into two types which are synthetic and natural. Synthetic raw materials involve the addition of chemicals whereas natural ones are free from such additives. 

What are Australian textiles famous for? 

Australia is the place with massive amount of open lands that are fertile and good for the production of crops like cotton, hemp and banyan trees. The production of wool is counted as one of the bests in the whole world. Besides the kind or quality of fabric; the designs of the textile production in Australia is also at par excellence. The production of quilting fabric in Australia is also quite popular due to its stiffer quality and amazing designs.  

Australian print fabric: 

The printings on Australian fabrics are quite amazing and reflect the cultural heritage of Australia. This printing is done in three ways which are direct way, resisting process and discharge process. In direct way of printing the paint is done directly on the cloth piece. In discharge process; the painting is done by dyeing the background colour first. The resisting process is carried out by painting the cloth piece with the product resist and then continuing the process of printing on fabric. The animal printing on fabric is quite popular in Australian textiles.  In addition to that; the patchwork printing design and the tie & dye work is also loved all over the country. 


Australia is one of the largest countries of the world which is why it has vast land spaces that are fertile and good for the growth of crops at the same time. These positive conditions make Australia the best place for the production of textile crops like cotton, hemp, etc. Not only the production of textile in Australia is quite popular but the designs that are made or printed on these textile fabrics are also loved across the globe. If you want to buy the best quality of Australian textiles with amazing patchworks and enchanting Australia printed fabrics, then you must visit the site of “Kaleido Fabric”.    

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