Construction Take off – What is it and What You Need to know about it

Constructing a building (regardless of its kind) requires a significant amount of work done by engineers, architects, and planners before the actual construction work even starts. The architects have to develop blueprints for the project, engineers have to carry out necessary calculations, and planners are required to map out the course of action beforehand. Each and every step is important and must be carried out in a detailed manner to ensure all the work is done according to plan. In most of the circumstances, once the building design and blueprints are ready, the owner looks for contractors who can get the job done from scratch. This process involves bidding and finding the right contractor who has got both the right kind of equipment and skills to handle the task at hand.  

For building contractors, construction take off is of particular importance. Construction take off refers to the process that building contractors or estimators employ in calculating all the materials, tools and resources required to accomplish that particular construction task. This information helps them perform an effective cost analysis, thus bidding the lowest amount for that project, and hoping to get the contract for it. In essence, construction take off is basically the tools and techniques that contractors and estimators apply in order to get an overall price estimation for the whole construction project. They have to consider everything ranging from building materials, piping networks, electrical wiring, bathroom, and kitchen fittings etc. in order to have a comprehensive cost analysis. 

Take off Software  An Efficient Tool to Estimate Costs 

Now that we have familiarized ourselves with what is construction take off, lets come to the next part. For contractors and price estimators, construction take off can be done in two ways. They can either do this manually by considering each construction stage step by step and all the processes involved in it. Or they can make use of software that calculates everything in a matter of seconds. Gone are the days when contractors used to spend days and put in a significant number of efforts in calculating construction take offs. Currently, best take off software has taken all the hassle out of the whole procedure, thus saving building contractors a lot of time and money. Instead of going through a time consuming and tediously long process, they can simply acquire software that takes care of it all for them. 

Once the blueprints or design of the project is finalized, all contractors need to do is to upload the blueprint file into the takeoff software based in Australia and it will them everything they need to know about material costs and pricing estimates for that project. The software usually is equipped with different features and options to provide labour costs and estimates through different stages of the project. While calculating everything manually at different stages of the project can encounter significant errors, letting the software do its job provides error free results every time. Contractors have the opportunity to point, drag, and click on the blueprint file, thus further analysing the processes and costs involved at different locations of the job.  

Some Basic Features of the Software 

There is a great deal of construction software available in the market. The best take off software will tell you all you need to know about estimations at different stages of the project. From material calculations to labour estimations, and from volume of concretes and sand required to lengths of electrical wires required, it will have a feature for every building contractor. In some cases, construction of a building is not done through a single contractor. Instead, multitude of contractors involved for different construction works to be carried out. There can be a different contractor for the HVAC works, electrical wiring installation, or landscaping and earthwork. So, an overall estimation of the materials required, and cost analysis is not required by a contractor that is tasked with a particular construction task. Luckily, the construction software has features to tell contractors about materials required and labour estimations about the particular stage of construction that they are concerned with. In the end, these automated programs have made construction take off extremely simple, easy, and error free for building contractors due to their advanced features 

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