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How you can be protected from automotive paint?

Car or vehicle owners adopt different ways of protection of their vehicle, whether its structure or its working. For the protection of the surface of a car automotive paint protection and ceramic paint protection are in use these days. Here we are going to discuss each of them. 

Automotive paint protection 

The main thing which is damaged due to sunlight, dust and other environmental factors is the color and paint of the vehicle. So, one may go for the attempts to protect its paint color otherwise the car will lose the beauty and sales value of it. The vehicle will lose its glossy and new appearance when remains unprotected. A shiny and new looking car will give a pleasant sense of travelling and give you a sense of confidence and proud having its ownership, while a dull and old looking car will give you a stressful and boring sense of travelling and will lower down your self confidence. 

A thick layer of thermoplastic urethane is used as a film on the surface if the car which acts like a coating on it to protects it from dust, rock and other scratches and sunlight. It can be applied on the whole body of the vehicle but mostly it is applied on the painted surfaces, mirrors and headlights of a car. This automotive paint protection film does not affect the functionality of the mirror by keeping the light intensity used by the mirror unaffected. 

Benefits of automotive paint protection 

  • Automotive paint protection film provides a glossy and brand-new look to your car by providing it permanent protection from all the factors which damage the color quality of the car. This film protects the car from getting fade for a longer period of time.
  • Automotive paint protection will keep your car resale value retained. The buyers give a great importance to the appearance of the car. If your car is working smoothly and its functionality is ten on ten but the poor look can lower down the resale value of it. So, if the car looks brand new so it could retain its resale value.
  • Automotive paint protection makes the surface of the car smooth and glossy making the cleaning easier. As you don’t need to use water or to wash the car every time, simply, you can use a soft clothe to remove the dust from the surface.
  • Automotive paint protection provides a shield to your car from UV light coming from the sun which will fade the color of the car. It also protects the surface of the car from birds’ scratches, environmental dust etc.
  • Different chemicals in the environment and scratches can cause rust on the surface of the car and also cause discoloration of it. An automotive paint protection film provides a barrier from this damage.
  • Automotive paint protection film is invisible to others which give absolutely original look to the car. You can retain this protective layer and original color of the car until you use any strong cleaner for your car.
  • As your car is being protected by this automotive paint protection, so you don’t need to spend money on its repair again and again. Once you need to spend money on this protection film and that’s it. 

Ceramic paint protection 

A chemical polymer is applied on the surface of the car with hand which will merge out with the original paint of the car and protect the exterior paint color of the car. Ceramic paint protection film will make a hydrophobic layer on the surface. Due to this external layer, the original factory paint color of the car remains untouched. Actually, ceramic paint protection is the alternative to the waxing, its main purpose is to protect its original surface of the car from scratches and UV light. Depending upon the type of the polymer used, the ceramic paint protection film coating is a semi permanent or permanent protective layer of car paint. 

Benefits of ceramic paint protection 

  • Ceramic paint protection will prevent oxidation on the surface of the car due to UV light when the car is being parked outdoor. Ultimately it protects the car from wearing a dull and old look.
  • Ceramic paint protection protects the car surface from the stains due to pollutants and contaminants in the atmosphere.
  • Due to hydrophobic nature of ceramic paint protection layer, it is very easy to clean out the surface of the car.
  • Ceramic paint protection layer always gives your car a candy-like glossy appearance which looks so elegant all the time.

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