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Some of the top famous Japanese whiskey bottles to try right now

Yamazaki 25 

No doubt this whiskey is not easy to find and not everyone’s cup of tea due to its cost but if you ever get a chance to try this whiskey out do try it has three different barrel types with a variety of American oak, Japanese Mizunara oak, and Spanish oak. A variety of cask is used in the manufacturing process of the whiskey which helps in consistency with the rest of the variety of whiskey. There are various substances including persimmon, sandalwood, ginger, and Yuzu of which whiskey is made of. The price of this whiskey is $2,000 per bottle. 

Akkeshi Sarorunkamuy 

This whiskey is a brand-new entry in the Japanese world in 2016. Akkeshi is a place on an island Hokkaido in the far north of Japan where the weather is wet and cold quite like the weather of Scotland. The name of this whiskey is given by the translation ‘white crane’. The single malt release consists of a young liquid blend in bourbon casks which is at least three years old. It has a fruity taste with a hint of spice and vanilla with bottling at a bit higher temperature to provide a little heat as you take a sip. Though the variety is pretty limited in the U.S  

Iwai Tradition  

This Japanese whisky is found near Southern Alps of Japan which has an area just big as Hakushu. It is generally made out of a blend of grain and malt whisky in bourbon barrels. There are some other types of barrels used in special blends as well for example wine, sakura, and sherry. Recently in 2021 the wine cask is finished with a limited addition for this whisky. The blend is poured into red wine barrels for a period of one year for maturation. The wine has pear, honey, raisin, apricot, and sweet vanilla taste. 

Akashi, Single Malt  

Both single malts and blends are produced by Akashi including this annual release. You will probably like this whiskey if you are a fan of Scottish sherry and enjoy drinks like GlenDronach or the Macallan. The maturation period of this whiskey is completed in two different sherry barrels in Pedro Ximenez for five years and after that in Oloroso casks. The liquid is imparted with different types of sherry wood and have strong fruity taste of prune, apricot, and spiced vanilla. 

Suntory Whisky Toki 

The most convenient to get of all the Japanese whiskeys is the Toki probably. It’s not a single malt but a special blend of grain whiskey and malt from Suntory’s Yamazaki Chita and Hakushu distilleries. It is primarily made from white oak barrel malt of Hikushu and Chita grain. The end result is this heavenly light spirit beverage that taste actually good and not that bitter but still it won’t reach the level of Hakushu 12 which costs $200. 

Taru Tsutsumi Shochu 

This whiskey is a distillery of a mature shochu with an age of 12 years in sherry casks this beverage is enjoyed all across Japan for nearly 150 years now. Rice is used along with some dried spices and fruit. Another gold for whiskey drinkers to try and enjoy the unique taste of it. 

Hibiki Harmony 

It’s all blending game for this whiskey to be able to form that perfection with a blend of dozens of different varieties of whiskies. A blend of Suntory is Hibiki launched in 1989. The best one is 17 years old version with tasting notes of caramel and coffee. But if we talk about today, it has gotten way too expensive for a common man to buy with a bottle selling worth $500 or even more. A perfect mixture of grain and malt is what Harmony is made of. 

Not everyone is a whiskey lover and drinking this particular drink is really not everyone’s cup of tea. People with unique taste and a strong love for malts can enjoy a whiskey in its pure form and can be able to tell the difference between a good, matured whiskey and a bad one.  

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